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Time to Treat Yourself

Check out all the events we are organizing in Domaine St. Gabriel Premises or the events and exhibitions we are attending and visit us there to taste our vast selection of organic wine.
Please note that in order to attend an event you must be of legal age. The only case, in which a person under age can attend an event is when accompanied their parent or legal caretaker. Thank you for your understanding.

Yearly Event

Vinifest Wine Festival 2023

October 4, 5, 6 & 7 / $15 per Visitor

Vinifest is the most waited wine festival taking place yearly in The Race Course of Beirut.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our stand and discover the extraordinary experience you can have with Domaine St. Gabriel Winery & Vineyards, its exciting Wine Club and other related leisure facilities like Byout Ghalboun, La Cave d’hôte & Les Trois Chênes.

vinifest post-02
Summer Event

Ghalboun International Festival

August 6, 21:00

Ghalboun International festival was back this year! A spectacular live performance by Michel Fadel kept the crowd enchanted with the lovely setup of the winery and breathtaking view over Ghalboun and its surroundings.
It was a charming night of music, art and nature at Domaine St. Gabriel venue.
Summer Event

Club St. Gabriel Launching

August 3, 18:00

On the opening night of Ghalboun International Festival and the launching of Club Domaine St. Gabriel, 8ème Art performed a live show entitled “A Mediterranean Journey” with a gourmet dinner, winery tours and wine tasting.

During this evening, membership subscription were open for the invitees.

Felucca Festival
Summer Event

Felucca Byblos Festival

July 7, 8 &9 / $8 per Visitor

Experience the extraordinary Felucca Festival at Byblos Mina and enjoy free felucca trips, fishing trips, water sports activities with live entertainment and much more…
Join us for a truly remarkable event!

Summer Event

Byblos En Blanc et Rosé

June 22, 23 & 24 / $8 per Visitor

Byblos en Blanc et Rosé is the most successful wine festival organized this summer taking place in Byblos Harbour. Domaine St. Gabriel has the pleasure to be part of this outstanding event.

Join our stand to taste our organic wine and know more about it.

byblos en blanc et rose